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MPHA Featured Horse:
Goldfinger's Pride
Presenting Pride "in motion" is an effort to show the viewer why we selected him for our
stallion. We invite you to examine closely all four of his feet and their placement. The word
Singlefoot offers a clue that something is happening with only one foot. In this picture the right
front is the only foot firmly placed on the ground. The rest are in their 4 beat cycle.

In itself this is not remarkable. However, notice the stride in the hind. It is relaxed, driving,
forward and without excessive hock action. Compare the lift in the front. It is eye appealing,
dramatic, smooth & natural, yet within the scope of the rules of the breed. The reach is fully
extended using the movement to complete the forward motion. Appreciate the level headset,
displaying his ease of performance and calmness.

Pride stands at 15.2+ hands. He is built to travel. On the trail his versatility to traverse our gold
country terrain in gait from "creepy-crawly" speed to flying "all out racking" is beyond
delightful. We attribute this range of speeds to his short back, sleek long underline, powerful
long shoulder and God given talent. His eyes are aa.

His beauty cannot be denied. As he greets our visitors with arched neck and golden eyes
peeking through two feet of white mane and forelock like whipped cream frosting on his
shimmering golden body, they stand in awe. Heíll easily demonstrate in hand for them "what
the gait is". Then pose for their picture taking.

Just eight years old, his progeny is demonstrating that, he is passing these important traits to
them. We are seeing in his colts and fillies bold individuals with outgoing personalities, beauty
and exciting gait during play.

Pride is a certified to breed Mountain Pleasure Horse and Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

Donít wait. Get some Pride in your barn!

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As printed in October 2000 issue of
Mountain Pleasure Horse Association
September / October 2000
Featured Horse